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Stephen M. Levin - Photographer

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my photo site!

I have always been fascinated with photography and the photo process. And I believe that has definitely (and literally!) affected the way I look at the world around me. That is, I’m always looking at light and shadows, shapes, people and facial expressions, graphic patterns and designs. I try to image how I can translate those observations effectively and creatively to a photo image. That’s why I call my blog, “My Mind’s Eye.” In it, I try to explain what I think and see and then explain how that evolves into an end result.

It is my feeling that we are now living in the Golden Age of Photography. More people are taking more pictures than ever before. And today there are creative tools available that give every photographer greater control over the entire photo process, from start to finish. Of course, the cameras and lenses are better nowadays than ever, too.

I take advantage of that newfound control and capability to help me transform my observations to a final image. And I usually make it a point to have a camera nearby. My early inspirations were Henri Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, Alfred Eisenstaedt, and many other photo documentary photographers from LIFE magazine and elsewhere. Today, I am fascinated by the works of Jay Maisel, Gregory Heisler, Vivian Maier, Abelardo Morell, and many others...too numerous to mention. I enjoy looking at old and new photos of all varieties, trying to determine what attracts my eye and interest. I hope you do the same with my images!

And please feel free to subscribe to the blog. I look forward to seeing your comments and observations.

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